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Our Story

mdp was established in 1990 by founder Michael McDonald in pursuit of a passion to deliver outstanding intellectual property (IP) legal advice to businesses worldwide.

With his unique blend of business and legal experience, Michael quickly positioned mdp as a leading practice for the delivery of comprehensive and practical IP solutions uniquely tailored to client objectives.

As the practice thrived, it diversified to encompass commercial, technology, corporate, and mergers & acquisitions. With this growth came a new age of enthusiasm and perspective that further strengthened mdp’s foundations. 

Today, mdp provides personalised, commercially driven legal advice to high-tech startups, multinational companies, and many of Australia’s prominent corporate leaders, institutions, and industry bodies. 

Through expert application of knowledge and skill, we aim to empower our clients to achieve success through intuitive, accurate and innovative advice, delivered with meaningful care.

Our Values

We are Empowering

We’re the creators of our own growth. We’re free to evolve professionallyspeak openly and think laterally. We harness our autonomy to empower our clients to succeed.

We are Forward-Thinking

We’re comfortable exploring unchartered territory. We proactively pursue and embrace new ideas, new perspectives, and new methods. 

We are Human-Centered

We’re about better human experiences and genuine connections. We care as much about each other as we do about our clients.

We are Strong

We’re an established firm, diverse in our capabilities, broad in our knowledge and thorough in our processes. Together, we’re a high-performing team.

Our Difference

Unlike many law firms, we do not pretend to be ‘all things to all people’.

We’re about sensing the needs of our clients, understanding their practical constraints and being transparent in our process. We seek to deliver a positive, human experience that fosters trust and ensures our clients feel confident in our services.

As a team, we live and breathe our values and firm culture. A culture that welcomes inclusion, equality and diversity, embraces new ideas, and focuses on the person. 

We’re a modern practice with a contemporary mindset. We’ve adopted a flexible hybrid work model that promotes productivity, balance, freedom and innovation.

This is the mdp difference.

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